Galileo. Images of the universe from antiquity to the telescope

Firenze Palazzo Strozzi 13th march-30th august 2009

Exibition official site (exibition detail by Institute and Museum of HIstory of Science – Firenze)


The first celestial discoveries of Galileo go back exactly to 400 years ago. The 2009 is  dedicate to the recurrence by the United Nations. Florence renders homage to the human epic and intellectual of one of its more brilliant sons with a rich and spectacular exibition, from 13th March to 30thAugust 2009:

Galileo. Images of the universe from the antiquity to the telescope.

The travel in the time and the space that the exibition proposes begins with the mystical and poetiche visions of ancient Egypt and the Mesopotamia; it continues with the Greek cosmogonie characterized from the brilliant omocentriche spheres of Eudosso, crosses the planetary architectures of Tolomeo and of Arabic astronomy, it recalls the Christian reworks and it lands to the eliocentriche theses of Copernico that inspired Galileo and Keplero, the students who offered a determining contribution to the definitive affirmation, with Newton, of the new conception of the universe. Enriched from multimedial applications and evocative video, this distance is illustrated from archaeological, scientific instruments of exceptional beauty, celestial atlases, drowings, paintings (spectacular Pompeian frescoes, paintings  of Botticelli, Rubens, Guercino), sculptures, precious miniature codes and extraordinary realized cosmological models, working for the circumstance. Some of the more spectacular objects, like the monumental astronomical tapestry of Toledo, the Farnese Atlas, the mysterious painting of Linder Gallery Interior, exposed for the first time, and the telescope of Galileo. The extension penetrates also in the universe of the fears and hopes of the sort human, describing to the relationships between astronomy and astrology, the relations that the imagination suggests between the configurations of the stars  and the power, music, the medicine, the formation of the character and the inclinations, till the extraordinary fascination that cosmology has exercised on the architecture and the art.



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